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Frequent questions
Do I have to return the car with full fuel tank?
Do I have to return the car cleaned?
Can the car be delivered to a specific address?
For how long time is the deposit withheld?
Is deposit amount the same for all rental cars?
What if the rental car is returned dirty?
What if I have been involved in a traffic accident or I have noticed that the car is damaged?
Do all rental cars are insured with KASKO and OCTA policies?
What is the amount of deductible for damages?
Do I have to pay deductible even if I am not guilty of the traffic accident?
Are there any other deductibles besides damage?
Can the upper mentioned deductibles be reduced?
Can rental period be prolonged?
Can rental car be driven only by person who is mentioned in rental agreement?
Can rental car be used outside Latvian border?
What happens if the rental car has some technical difficulties and is not usable?
What is the rental offer “with separately payable mileage”?
Crossing Latvian boarder during rental period
Is it possible to rent a car for a trip to other European country?